November 19, 2015 – VerdeWatts, LLC, a FirmGreen, Inc. company, and National Environmental Group, LLC (NEG) are pleased to announce the formation of a Joint Venture to develop Waste-to-Energy(“WTE”) projects in India, Brazil and the Philippines.

VerdeWatts ® has patented and proprietary technology utilizing fluidized bed technology to properly handle and convert Municipal Solid Waste into green energy. Led by Aaron Abadi, NEG has operated in waste management for 20 years, negotiating contracts and handling turnkey waste management projects. The principals of Verde Watts and their selected equipment fabricator Outotec, Inc. combined, have successfully implemented over 110 WTE projects worldwide.

Renewable Capital Funds, LLC (RCF) finance group will supply financing for immediate project development in the Philippines and long term financing for other waste-to-energy projects. RCF is led by Abe Grohman, CEO. Abe is founder of Hudson Energy and is an investor/principle in various renewable energy projects. RCF has allocated an initial $200 million dollars towards funding these projects.

Communities around the globe are turning to waste-to-energy projects for both economic and environmental benefits. WTE projects enable communities to secure a stable and renewable source of energy by utilizing their municipal waste, while helping reducing greenhouse gases that harm air quality and contribute to climate change.

Aaron Abadi of NEG said, “In this day and age, it’s hard to believe that we are still filling enormous pits with huge piles of trash. We are proud to be on the cutting edge of technology to effectively use waste and reduce its environmental impact, making real changes in the world.”

Steve Wilburn CEO of the New Joint Venture named VerdeWatts Waste-to-Energy Group, Inc. stated, “I am very pleased to be able to announce our partnership with National Environmental Group and Renewable Capital Finance. With the NEG’s Technical Marketing expertise and RCF providing the requisite capital coupled with our proven WTE technology we look to gain a large marketshare in our targeted countries of India, Brazil and the Philippines.”

About VerdeWatts, LLC

VerdeWatts is committed to delivering smart energy solutions that enable economical, wide-scale adoption of clean energy generation and energy management. VerdeWatts’ patent-pending VerdeVault™ provides a modular, integrated solar-energy storage system. The VerdeVault enables more efficient and profitable operation of solar systems for any location – homes, offices, hospitality, and even industrial scale applications. VerdeWatts has patented LED & Lighting technology including a LED Deep Wave UV System for off-grid well and surface water purification to potable drinking water standards. Privately held, and headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, the company is 100% disabled veteran owned. For more information, please visit:

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About National Environmental Group, LLC

National Environmental Group is a pioneer in creating and coordination successful zero waste projects throughout the United States. NEG is committed to helping its clients attain zero waste with economic savings through waste reduction, enhanced efficiency and recycling. Learn more at:

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