Get to know about NEG

In 1996, Mr. Abadi formed National Environmental Group, Inc., and began offering waste  management and recycling services across the United States. Over the years, through that company and through Evergreen Waste Corp, extensive projects were implemented successfully across the Country that helped companies manage their wastes with a strong emphasis on zero waste and environmental responsibility. Over the decades, we have serviced large nursing home chains, apartment complexes, manufacturing facilities, hotels and thousands of chain stores.

Terra Chips located in Moonachie, NJ, is a subsidiary of Hain Celestial, which is a large publicly traded company. NEG started working on their behalf in 1998. As you well know, their potato chip and vegetable chip products are available on the shelves of most supermarkets in the U.S.  They generated a large volume of edible food waste from all their chip runs and an equally large amount of used cooking oil. We arranged to transport the food waste to a pig farm in Pennsylvania where they were thrilled to have such fresh food. The oil, office paper, cardboard, and drums were all recycled with less than 5% of their wastes going to a landfill. 

Fresh Direct is a large supermarket delivery service in New York City. Although it was a very challenging project due to inadequate space and a very difficult location, we were successful in recycling over 70% of its waste, with the remainder processed to energy.

There are two important principals that we employ in our planning that assist our success. First, we believe that any project that is cost-effective will have better chances of being approved by  the company or client. Recycling and reducing waste, if done properly, should be less expensive  and in many cases even bring more revenues. The second concept that we keep in mind is that although we strive for a perfect world, we look to make it better; the best that we can accomplish on any particular project. If we start off with 30% diversion and we succeed to bring it to 60%,  that’s a successful job, and we will keep at it. 

In 2002, we began advising and assisting governments on best practices for waste management and recycling. We spent three years in the Dominican Republic advising two different Presidents and many other elected officials on better ways to recycle and we recommended gasification and other viable projects. Over the years we have worked with major government officials in dozens of countries like Brazil, Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo,  Morocco, Israel, India, Uganda, Indonesia, and so many others. 

In 2014, Aaron Abadi sold Evergreen Waste Corp., and in 2016 formed National Environmental Group LLC to move forward with several large projects in conjunction with many of the companies.