International Representatives

Aaron Abadi


  • Expertise : Recycling,  Waste Management
  • Founded National Environmental Group ( NEG ) in 1996.
  • Over the years, through that company and through Evergreen Waste Corp, extensive projects were implemented successfully across the United States.
  • Serviced large nursing home chains, apartment complexes, manufacturing facilities, and thousands of chain stores.
  • Started advising and assisting governments on best practices for waste management and recycling in 2002.


Abdul Rahman Khan


  • Expertise : Microbiology
  • Based in Saudi Arabia.
  • Family business in automobiles, auto parts, and real estates
  • Q.C.C, Quality Control Coach at the Saudi Fast-Food Company (Al-Baik)
  • Owner of candy shop, I Fresh.
  • Owner of Juzl Nutrition Company
  • Owner of Fortune Gulf Platform.
  • Ownership member of Sahara petroleum
  • Owner of Abdulrahman Khan establishment of information technology
  • Owner of Ark of information technology company
  • Owner of Al-Syolah Al-Raqmiah trading company
  • CEO in SA of Fortune Empire Platform Company US
  • CEO in SA of Liquidity Digital Fintech Company US
  • Agency of Sea-Chem Company UK, in the Middle East & Africa
  • Agency of TerrPave International Company US, in the Middle East & Africa
  • Agency of NovoCerete Company Germany, In Saudi
  • Agency of BlakFX Company US, in Saudi
  • Agency of Gravitas Aerospace Company US, in Saudi Vendor company at the UN
  • COO of National Environmental Group, NEG, in the Middle East & Africa
  • Spokesman of the Arabic European Organization to protect the environment

Shlomo Ariel

Regional Director – Mideast & India

  • Expertise : Operations, Management, Project Management, Energy
  • Based in Israel
  • Chairman – Hudson Sustainable Technologies Israel
  • Chairman – FTK/ CEO of MID/ CEO of Greensol Alternative Energy
  • VP Israel Business Development – Wolfson Group in New York
  • Co-founder – Ness, the largest Israeli IT service company at the time, and later served as Ness Technologies COO and company secretary.

D.L. KeshavaMurthy

Head – India

  • Expertise : Government liaison, HR, Real Estate, Construction
  • Based in Bangalore India.
  • Unique Services LTD Bangalore, India
  • Poornima Resources, Human Resource Management
  • Real Estate Services
  • Mr. Murthy arranged the Bangalore deal with the government entities

Sidharrth M. Hemmadi

Waste Management Head – India

  • Expertise : Operations, Procurement, Waste Management
  • Based in Hyderabad & Bangalore, India
  • Parinishtaa Eco Solutions – CoFounder
  • Enterprise partner with Vodaphone
  • Project Manager at GE Capital – Hyderabad