On November 14, 2016 there will be an auction for the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant located in Jackson County Alabama. This is a site of over 1,300 acres of land that contains several buildings and most importantly a nuclear power plant. The Tennessee Valley Authority ‘TVA’, which is a federally owned power company, started to build the plant in the 1970’s, but never completed it. The plant never went into operation. The federal government spent in the range of $7 billion dollars on this uncompleted plant.

Being that the power plant was being sold by the federal government, and being that it is a nuclear plant, there was a strict approval process. At the time of the bid there are only two companies approved to bid, Nuclear Development LLC, and our company, NEG (National Environmental Group) through our subsidiary “Jackson Holdings.”

NEG’s interest in this development project are for the nuclear reactors that were never used, and the development of a large industrial complex on the site.