National Environmental Group


Q: We have great experience bidding out our purchases. How can you save us money? Why would your pricing be better?
A: Unlike some of our competitors, we don't just send out computerized bids. You don't need us for that. We are involved hands-on for each project. Through utilizing the correct equipment, modifying the service levels to each site's needs, identifying actual weights, and reducing percentages of trash, we automatically get rate reductions. Additionally, each municipality, each County, and each area have specific Trash Haulers. While a company may have a few locations in a specific area, we can have multiple customer locations in that area. We have a strong buying power specific to that area of service. Our relationships have proven to our Customers year after year to bring them the best rates out there.

Q: How do you make your money?
A: There are no management fees. We get paid by subcontracting the trash and recycling services. For example, if we were providing service for a Nursing Home in Wilmington, DE and the previous hauler was charging $1,350 per month. We review our numbers, we do our thing, and we offer to do the service for $1,000 per month. We will then contract with our vendor for $940 per month. Our Customer is happy with a significant savings, and we are making $60 a month for that location. It's a Win-Win!

Q: You have been promoting Zero Waste lately. It is known that environmental programs always cost industry money. How are you going to bring Zero Waste projects and save money at the same time? How can that be done?
A: Basic recycling, if utilized properly, reduces trash disposal and thus reduces cost. True, there are many aspects of a Zero Waste program that will incur some extra cost. We use some of the excess savings to offset the costs on those items.

Q: What if I don't care about the environment? Why should I waste my time with all this?
A: When you travel through some third-world countries today, you will see the effects of excessive waste and lack of planning and how it hurts the people. There are piles of trash in the streets, along the roads, and in backyards. Children walk in and around this trash, breathing it in, and even playing with it. Trash fires are common place, visible as thick black clouds rise to the sky.

Of course we are much more sophisticated here in the USA and we wouldn't allow that to happen. Yet with our consumer oriented lifestyles, we generate thousands of times the amount of trash than in all of these third world countries combined! We are likely creating significant hazardous conditions right here in our very own backyard.

Okay, so your'e still not motivated. Well how about saving lots of money? Now you should be motivated to call us. We will proudly handle the environmental aspects, while you focus on the savings.

Q: What do you need from us to get started, and how does this process work?
A: We will set up a free consultation, where we will obtain and review your trash & recycling services, pricing, and processes. We will visit sites and analyze the types of items being discarded. Within a short period of time we will present you with our findings in an organized, easy to read report, and with a proposal with our recommendations. This will include guaranteed cost savings, and a detailed plan of action to make it work.